Zumba – dance your calories and body fats off

Zumba is a type of dancing, aimed for men and women, by which they dance in the rhythm combining steps from salsa, samba and some other Latin dances; in order to stay fit and increase their flexibility, coordination and strength. This is a fun and practical way for burning calories and losing weight.

The benefits of practicing zumba:
  • Every zumba session burns about 800 calories. Besides, it also helps in the fats melting process of different body parts.
  • Strengthens the body: The various moves and steps in the rhythm of the music help in the strengthening of the arms, legs, behind and the stomach.
  • This is type of exercising you can never get bored of, especially if you’re doing it in group. Every new session you dance and learn new moves, gradually increasing your pace.
  • Makes you happy or at least puts you up in a good mood: Besides the fact that exercising stimulates your mood, the music and the rhythm only increase the “happy feeling”.
  • Releases you from the stress and the tension: While dancing, the level of the hormones and substances, such as the endorphins that influence the good and relaxed mood. After zumba you will feel happier, more relaxed and calmer and it will improve the quality of your sleep.
  • The zumba can be practiced by all ages, but the exercises have to differ in their intensity.
  • There’s almost no risk of pain in the muscles (except in the cases of extreme inactivity), and there’s no risk of sports injuries. The zumba doesn’t increase the amount of lactic acid in the muscles, so there’s no muscles inflammation.
  • You lose weight and burn calories. Soon after you have started practicing zumba, the results will be noticeable, especially on legs, arms and waist.

Choose your comfortable pieces of clothes when headed to zumba, and enjoy the rhythm. We can openly claim that it is among the most interesting and most amusing ways of burning calories.