Why the zinc is good for your immunity

The Zinc is a mineral which has the same role as vitamin C when it comes to cold or flu. Therefore, you can consume Zinc for immunity boost.  It presents one of the most important minerals in the human body which is important for keeping your health immunity on high level and the prevention of infections. It can be found in over 300 enzymes which are important for the biochemical processes in the body, among which there are the enzymes responsible for the DNK and RNK synthesis.

Its role in the system is:
  • Keeping the immunity on high level
  • Production of proteins and DNK
  • Child growth and development during pregnancy
  • Wound healing
  • Sense of smell and taste
  • Zinc is important for the health of the prostate and fertility of men (the biggest amount of Zinc can be found in men’s genitals)
  • It alleviates the period symptoms
  • It strengthens the bones, the muscles and the nails
  • It preserves the good vision (the retina contains plentiful of Zinc)

The deficiency of this mineral Is the commonest problem in the undeveloped countries and can cause death of many children due to the weak immune system which leads to infections. The deficiency is not necessarily related to the low living standard- even the more developed countries have the same problem with the lack of Zinc in their body, often due to the irregular diet and the unhealthy living habits, such as alcohol consumption. The symptoms of the lack of Zinc are weakened immunity, slow growth and children’s body development, loss of appetite, mental problems, alopecia (partial of complete loss of hair), decreased spermatogenesis (production of spermatozoids), impotency, slow wound recovery, metabolism disruption, night blindness, disruption of the sense of smell and taste, e.t.c.

Zinc FoodsThe victuals that contain Zinc are the following: beef and turkey meat, brewer’s yeast, selfish, pumpkin seed, cheese, beans, soya, milk and dairy, eggs e.t.c.

Most of the time we don’t need Zinc supplements since we receive the amount with the food we consume, but there are certain vegetarian cases that lack Zinc because of the absence of meat in their diet. It is recommendable for them to eat more kernels and pumpkin seed so that they receive the proper amounts of Zinc. The recommendable dose of Zinc is 12-15 mg. During pregnancy, women should receive 25-30 mg of Zinc, and the sportsmen 15 mg of Zinc a day. The bottom line is, use Zinc for immunity, in any of the forms listed above.