You Will Never Again Use Swabs in Your Ears After Reading This

We use the swabs for the hygiene of the ears to remove the wax that builds up inside the ears. But, the use of swabs requires some precautions not to damage your ears.

But, some researches have shown that there are some consequences of using the swabs. It has been discovered that many people that use swabs, have had breakdowns in their tympanic membrane and it is caused by the use of the cotton swabs. If you enter the swabs deeply inside the ear canal, you can damage the ear. It can result in some minor injuries until damage on the tympanic membrane perforation. The risk of this is that is that it can cause vertigo or facial paralysis, and in some cases is needed surgical intervention.

ears swabs

So, we have a few tips for you about the use of swabs.

You should the swabs just for cleaning the auricle of your ear and around the canal. If you put the swab deep in your ear, you can push the wax to the bottom, inside your ear. This is one of the most usual consequences of the use of swabs. Also, you can drill the eardrum. When there is an earwax in your ear, it can cause hearing problems or dizziness.

For the children there are specially designed swabs with a thicker tip that prevent the intrusion into the ear canal.

Also, it is really important to know that the wax that is produced in the canal is very useful. It protects your ear of dust, bacteria, pollution and water. So, we have to remove it in a rigorous way.

But, if you want to remove the earwax and want to prevent its fast formation in the ear, you have to dry the ears well from the bath, because the water can inflate the earwax.

Well, now you know the consequences, and you want to search for options for cleaning the ears. But, the swabs are not the only way of cleaning your ears. There are many other alternatives. As an example, you can use a handkerchief. Another option is to put a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in your ear canal, once or twice in a month, not more.