You Will Never Again Eat Instant Noodles After Reading This

The instant noodles are very popular among the people who lack time and money. It is really true that they are cheap, convenient and tasty when they are served hot, but the question now is how healthy they are?

If the instant noodles are one of your favorite meals, you really need to remove them from your diet. If you think that even though they are not the healthiest choice, they are not worse than the fast food, you are really wrong.

Dr. Braden Kuo of the Massachusetts General conducted an experiment, which proved to be really concerning. By using a camera that was placed in the digestive tract, he wanted to take a look of what happens in the digestive tract when you consume instant and processed noodles.

The homemade ramen noodles were used like a comparison and after 2 hours the instant noodles remain intact, much more than the homemade noodles. The results are concerning and disturbing for many reasons like the following:

The digestive system is obligated to work for hours to break down the processed food and it also undergoes a heavy strain. Most of the processed foods generally break down so fast and interferes with the blood sugar levels and insulin release.

Watch this video to see what’s happening to your stomach after you eat instant noodles

When the food stays for a long period in the digestive tract, it impacts the absorption of the nutrients, but there is not much nutrition with the processed ramen noodles. There are so many additives instead, like the toxic preservative TBHQ tertiary-butyl hydroquinone. This additive stays in the digestive tract as well as the noodles and it is really a mystery how this can affect the health.

We really hope that now you will reconsider the consumption of the instant noodles and remove them from your diet because the results are frightening and concerning.

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