You Have To Eat These 7 Foods If You Don’t Eat Meat


This Middle Eastern dip, packed with flavor kicks plain old chickpeas up a notch. It is a low-cholesterol source of protein, the hummus is rich in fiber too. Many of the grocery stores have ready-made varieties, but you can whip up in the kitchen with a few basic ingredients – olive oil, tahini, garlic and lemon.


This of this like a healthier and fermented tofu. The temper, maybe is not so popular like the soy-based protein sister, but it dates back to the 19th century in Indonesia. Having 3 times the amount of protein of the tofu, it contains vitamin B12 too, which is an important nutrient for the metabolism generally found in animal products.

Greek Yogurt

The Greek yogurt doesn’t carry anymore the sad “food diet” reputation.  The Greek yogurt has a creamier consistency, half of the carbs of usual yogurt and twice the protein. You should choose the plain type and add a fruit.


The edamame, served like an appetizer in the Japanese restaurants, are an amazing source of protein. The edamame are generally soybeans that are harvested before ripening. They are cheap and so easy to prepare. They can be found in many freezer aisles. You can mix the baby soybeans in a bowl of udon or a stir fry.

Hemp Seeds

Nutty and chewy, the hemp seeds are an amazing addition to oatmeal and yogurt. Unlike the Chia seeds and flaxseeds, they have all of the important amino acids that are ideal for vegans and vegetarians.


The omega 3-fatty acids have so many benefits, like lowering the risk for cancer and heart disease, and most people get it directly from the fish. But, how the fish are so rich in omega 3 fatty acids? By eating the seaweed. Many of the coastal communities consume it regularly and have long relied on. And with the increasing popularity of seaweed in the U.S., many of the supermarkets already have this nutritious vegetable.


We know that you are bored of hearing about this seed – quinoa, but that doesn’t make it less amazing. If the quinoa is cooked right, it makes an amazing, fluffy substitute for some carby grains like oats and rice. It is packed with zinc, manganese, iron, which are minerals usually consumed through the shellfish.