You Can Kill The Fat Cells by Simply Freezing Them! Unbelievable!

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Ice Therapy – best method to burn body fat

Tim Ferriss, who is the author of the book The Four-Hour Body, includes the concept of activating the brown fat, to improve the fat burning by exposing to cold temperatures. Tim says that you can boost the fat burning potential by 300 percent by simply adding ice therapy to your workout routine and healthy eating. One Livestrong article backs up his claim by stating that one NASA scientists claimed for ABC News that’s no hyperbole. In examining the effects of the temperature on the astronauts, he saw that the metabolism of the people boosts by 20% in the environments as mild as 60 degrees. A Joslin researcher claimed for the National Public Radio that 3 Oz of brown fat can burn 400-500 calories every day.

Scientists discover the popsicles kill the fat, creating dimples in children

Popsicle-PanniculitisThe theory that the fat cells can be frozen and then killed has been also proven through one strange way that is named the “Popsicle Panniculitis,” which shows that the additional exposure to cold from the popsicles is able to results in the dumpling of the cheeks.

The parents of one 9-month-old boy were worried about the increasing areas of reddish discoloration on the cheeks. The baby was born healthy and didn’t had a serious medical history or family health history, had no trauma, bug bites, or illnesses, and also he hadn’t been around a sick person. His immunizations were also up-to-date, and his development and growth were normal. But the playful kid had on his cheeks a symmetrical and non-tender lesions, which were close to the edges of his mouth. Nothing more was discovered, and his oral cavity was also normal.

Some further questioning showed that two days before that lesion appeared, his mother had given the kid a popsicle for teething, and that lead to a diagnosis of popsicle panniculitis. Icepacks, popsicles, and exposures to cold have been shown to cause “cold panniculitis” or “popsicle” in children. It usually happens during infancy after some cold injury and usually affects the chin and the cheeks. These areas are rich in subcutaneous fat and they are usually exposed to cold. Popsicle panniculitis generally looks like places of reddish discoloration or as hardened, non-tender, red-purple, swellings of the cheeks 24-48 hours after contact with an ice cube or a popsicle. The subcutaneous fat in adult people has generally unsaturated fats and that might explain why the popsicle panniculitis happens almost in children.

A Chicago board certified dermatologist named Dr. Amy Brodsky was not born with a dimple also, but at the age of 6, Amy in accident injured her left cheek that was treated for several hours with ice compresses. After a few days, her cheek converted into a solid firm mass, and after 6 to 8 weeks, her injury resulted in an evident dimple. Amy thought for many years that this was just a result of the injury, until Amy studied Dermatology and discovered that it is a result of Cold Panniculitis.

Freezing fat for reducing the trouble areas

For all the reasons listed here, the researchers are claiming that something as simple as putting ice packs to those areas of white fat deposits for about 30 min to one hour, can boost the browning process and also help boost the fat or weight loss, if you follow a regular workout routine and healthy diet.

This method works by chilling the skin, then provoking the underlying fat cells to die off naturally, then be metabolized by the body. This can reduce the thickness of the fat in that area that is treated. There is one commercial treatment named CoolSculpting that requires really expensive equipment, but it is so effective. With a session lasting 1 hour per spot, this machine can produce a reduction in the thickness of the fat of the area that was treated. When the fat cells are frozen, then they drain from the body naturally.

To see the results, it takes 6 to 12 weeks, but one patient can lose ½ inch from the waistline after only 1 hour treatment. One area can be treated many times, but the first treatment is the most effective.


This device sucks the underlying fat and skin into a cup, and then cooling it. The theory is that cooling the fat tissues to below freezing can trigger the inflammation of the fat cells and then can trigger the natural cell death in those fat cells. This inflammation begins three days after the treatment, reaching its peak at 30 days, and the number of fat cells keeps declining over a period of 90 days. The temporary side effects can include a little redness and sometimes bruising. While the treated fat cells are draining from the body, there exist other fat cells that are able to expand, so the patient should maintain a healthy diet.

One common concern is the frostbite, or some other injuries to the skin, but this is not an issue, as you need more cold temperatures (-10C or 14F) to cause that damage. CoolSculpting method uses temperatures that don’t kill immediately off the fat cells, but it triggers that process of cell death naturally. That is the reason why the end result takes a few weeks, and up to three months for the whole effect to be spotted.

Use of the ice pack therapy at your home to remove the excess fat

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