You Can Kill The Fat Cells by Simply Freezing Them! Unbelievable!

The fat bulges for most of the people are something that they really don’t want. It makes the clothes fit tight and they look really bad, it makes our thighs jiggle, and lingers despite our desperate attempts to remove it. Too much fat increases the risk of some health conditions like type 2 diabetes and heart disease, and the researchers for decades have been searching for a way to remove it.

People have two types of fat: brown fat and white fat, and if we understand the differences between the two, can help us to lose some weight. The white fat is a thin layer of blubber that we can see on the thighs, belly and back of the arms. This fat acts like a thermal insulator and it keeps the temperatures of the body stable.


Exposure to cold can cause fat cell death

The increased exposure to the cold can help to turn on the brown fat, and can help people to keep the weight off and to have less obesity problems. The researchers have advised more people to turn down the thermostats every day for a few hours during the winter months, and they also published the study in the Journal of clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism in the Endocrine Society.

The scientists, when taking biopsies of the fat deposits of the patients, discovered that the thigh and belly fat in the winter showed better indications of “browning” that the fat samples that were taken in the summer. This proposes that the cold temperatures ease the transformation of white into beige fat. Most of the homes during the winter are heated to around 21C or 69F, but the Maastricht University Medical Center recommends turning the thermostat down to 17C or 62 and 15C and 59F for a few hours every day. The experts say that because in winter we spend so much time inside in our overheated offices and homes, it can cause the bodies not to burn the calories naturally to keep the body warm.

In one article in The New York Times is described that one study where one men’s group slept in a metabolic chamber that was kept at a 66 degrees. After 4 weeks of sleeping in a temperature like this, the men had doubled their volume of the brown fat, burned a few more calories and experienced an increase in the insulin sensitivity.

This practice is well known like “cold thermogenesis,” and it can point to doubling the amount of metabolically active brown fat, the burning of more calories and an increase in the insulin sensitivity.

  • The balanced intensity cold thermogenesis should be sitting in 50 to 60 degree room while wearing just shorts, which is important for the formation of brown fat.
  • The extreme intensity cold thermogenesis can be accomplished from wearing a pair of compression shorts that are filled with ice packs and an ice vest. This will cause the body to begin shivering and will burn big amounts of calories.

Ice Therapy – best method to burn body fat