The worst thing for your health – Going to bed right after dinner

Going to bed right after dinner increases the risk of brain attack for 66%. Therefore, it is recommendable to go to bed at least one hour after dinner. This came out as a result of the research conducted on the Faculty of Medicine in Janjina. The experts have conducted the research between 500 people, half of them with brain attack survived, and the other half with acute coronary syndrome (decreased blood flow in the heart due to congested arteries).

The people were divided into two groups – the ones that waited 60 minutes after dinner before they go to bed, and the ones that went to bed right after dinner. The second group had 66% of a bigger chance to survive an attack, and the ones that waited 70 to 120 minutes between dinner and bed were 76% safer.  Going to bed at least one hour after dinner also decreases the risk of acute coronary syndrome.