The wonders of orange peels

People peel the fruits and vegetables most of the time, not knowing how mistaken they are considering the peel as waste and throwing it in the garbage. What they don’t realize, is that they throw away the richest and most nutritious part of the fruit. The biggest amount of vitamins, minerals, fibers are stored in the peels.

Orange peel

The orange peel contains 4 times more dietary fibers than the juicy inside of the orange. The dietary fibers work beneficial against constipation and bloating, and also soothe the digestive system.

The peel is also rich with flavonoids, famous fighters against cancer. Not only it contains oxygen free radicals, but also helps prevent the growth and division of cancerous cells.

D-limonene is another element present in the orange peel, and it is proved to be useful in the fight against the harmful UV-rays and therefore lowers the risk of skin cancer.

Orange peels contain almost every anti-cholesterol compound, which help in the fight against the “bad” cholesterol that can create clots culminating in clogged heart arteries.

Orange peels have plenty of vitamin C which, besides improving the immune system, along with the anti-oxidants that are also contained in the peel, helps against the numerous respiratory problems such as colds, flu, bronchitis, asthma and lung cancer.

Besides all the health benefits, orange peels can also work for skin whitening and cover up all the dark blemishes and spots when applied to the skin. Just rub a piece of the peel lightly on the skin.

The only problem is that orange peel is bitter and not tasty for consumption. In order to receive all the healthy elements it possesses, shred it in a salad and enjoy it. You can also use it for some sweet deserts, such as cakes and cupcakes and fresh fruit smoothies.