Wider hips-means more sex?

For a while now there is the general opinion that the wide hips make the childbirth easier, and a study conducted recently has proved that the women with wider hips have more one night stands and more sexual partners in their life.

The researchers consider wide hips to be the ones wider than 36 cm, and tight hips are considered the ones below 31 cm. According to Daily Mail, the distance between two pelvic bones is measured and serves as an indicator of the hips’ width. There were 148 women participating in the research, age 18-26, and each of them has had at least one sexual partner before. It has been discovered, based on their sexual history, the time when they have lost their virginity and the number of sexual partners they have had; that women with wider hips have more uncommitted relationships.

The professor Colin Henry, the leading researcher, concludes that women with wider his have more sexual partners and that the process of childbirth is much less traumatic than it is  for the women with tighter hips.

“The width of the hips for women is connected to potential fatal injury during childbirth. It seems that women which have control over their sexual activity, show lesser risk reflected in their behavior”, adds the professor.

“The sexual activity for women has certain connection with the width of the hips.”

He also explains that the study is supported by the fact that when people learnt to walk straight, the tight hips made walking easier.

In the process of walking, the female hips have gradually become wider in order to make their childbirth easier. Because of this restriction, the babies are born less developed in comparison to other primates, therefore having the need of more care and attention from their parents.