Why the Oncologists DON’T REFUND the Cancer Sufferers When Their Chemotherapy is Unsuccessful?

For being one of the only approved treatment options of the government for the cancer, the chemotherapy has a poorly dismal success rate. The chemotherapy fails in more than 93 percent of the time, depending on the study, because some studies present a failure rate of 97 to 98 percent. But, the cancer industry tells us that the chemotherapy is the only true and tried lifeline for the patients with cancer. Many oncologists criticize the idea that the Gerson Therapy by Gerson Institute and “Phoenix Tears” cannabis oil by Rick Simpson have some therapeutic potential in removing the cancer. These oncologists, at the very same time will scare their patients into signing up for the chemotherapy procedure, even when they have no chances to survive it.

One study from 1994 published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology discovers a terrible truth about the chemotherapy that the cancer industry denies to acknowledge. Between 73 patients that were treated for a testicular cancer marked by the relapsed extragonadal nonseminomatous GTCs or germ cell tumors between the 1976 and 1993 at the Indiana University, just 5 survived. The other patients either died of chemotherapy-connected toxicity and/or cancer, or they stayed alive with the cancer. This means that just 7 percent success rate for the chemotherapy like a treatment for the testicular cancer.

But, what about those 28 patients that were part in the study who get high-dose of chemotherapy together with ABMT or autologous bone marrow transplants during the treatment? None of all these patients were healed of the disease, and that means 0 percent success rate. One subsequent meta-analysis provided by a group of researchers from Australia took a look at the 5 year survival rates of the patients with cancer undergoing the chemotherapy, and they concluded something more damning. The paper supposed the chemotherapy to be between 2.1 and 2.3 % effective in the treatment of adult cancers.

The authors of the paper said about the effectiveness of the chemotherapy that like the 5 year survival rate in Australia for cancer is now over 60 percent, it is so clear that the cytotoxic chemotherapy just makes a small contribution to the cancer survival.

The costs for average chemotherapy for 3 month treatment exceed $20,000, according the to study

If you were to exchange any other type of cancer treatment for the chemotherapy, the dominant medical system would announce it to be utter quackery based on the findings. One 97% failure rate, the cancer industry would declare, submits that the X, Y, or Z treatment doesn’t work.

However, because the 97% failure rate assigns to chemotherapy, you won’t hear anything about it. That is because the chemotherapy is big business that brings in billions of dollars every year for the doctors. One study in 2012 provided by Avalere Health discovers that the average treatment costs for every cancer patient undergoing traditional chemotherapy to be more than $20,000 for 3 to 4 months.

Now multiply this by the whole number of cancer patients and you will see why this is profitable. The stakes are so high!

According to Dr. Peter Glidden, N.D., B.S., author of The M.D. Emperor Has No Clothes, says that the chemotherapeutic drugs are the unique classification of drugs that the doctor gets a direct cut of. The chemotherapy is only used because the doctors get money from it.

Source: www.naturalnews.com