Why Crying Is So Healthy And Important For Personal Growth

Did you know that the humans are not the only creatures that feel sadness? Almost all animals on the planet express depression, sadness, and loneliness in their personal way. Almost all mammals mourn the loss of their babies. But the humans are the only type on the planet that are taught self-expression should be suppressed or tamed. Boys are told to toughen up and “be a man”, and girls are told to stop being too “sensitive”. Girls are told crying too much makes them really crazy, and boys are told that crying too much means that they are a sissy.

We are not told that the crying is important and is something that we should practice more or if we really feel that it is what we need to do to express ourselves. We develop the resistance to crying and that causes emotional suppression and that causes physical and psychological complications. We bottle up the emotions and we expect them to start taking care of themselves, when the fix to the problems is sometimes so simple that allows us to feel deeply for a moment.

Contrary to what we are told to believe by the society, crying is really healthy and should be as natural to us as the smiling if it is what we really feel in that moment. Here are some important reasons why the crying is essential for personal growth and healing:

 1. It clears the energy field

Crying is for the energy field just like showering is for the body. It releases the built up feelings and emotions, and gets the energy moving through the chakras in the way that the nature intended. Our bodies are not stupid. They know what they need to feel and when. It is just a thing of giving yourself agreement to feel what you feel and look passed any social conditioning or programming that is preventing you from opening up to your emotions.

If you feel tension in the energy field, that is often because of suppressed emotions and you are holding on to something. To completely let go, you can’t just let go in the mind. You need to let go in the energy field, and you will do this by stopping your habit of holding back tears and resisting vulnerability.

 2. It permits more to come up

Every time when you cry, more and more bubbles up that you didn’t realize that was there. As an example, the anger is a defense mechanism to cover up the fear and the pain. When you allow yourself to see into the pain and past the anger, you will find out that you are just angry because you are scared of being in pain again or you are already in pain. When you find out that you are in pain, you will start to cry and start to discover why.

What starts off as you crying over because you saw your boyfriend seeing or talking to another girl ends up in being you crying over the feeling like rejected by all the male persons in your life and how you are scared of non-acceptance by the males. Crying over this will make you to find out that you wish your father would reach out to you, and makes you discover that you would not feel so insecure in the relationship if you renewed your relationship with your dad. The more tears you cry, the more comes up from the subconscious mind.

 3. It prevents some serious health problems.

The suppression of your emotion can lead to some serious health problems. Bioenergetics is the science of home emotions and the psychological problems translate into your body and get stored in the forms of pain and diseases. For example, if your defense system turns the pain into anger and gets stored in you like anger, you are poisoning the body with stress hormones that are released from your body. 90 percent of all diseases are caused or worsened by the stress in the body, and burying emotions can cause hormones like adrenaline, cortisol and stress to be produced in the body.

Crying is a type of physiological release. It is the way that the body is designed to process and handle the emotions, and when we force the body against its natural reactions, it will always cause problems somewhere else within the body. It is like trying to force your body not to sweat because you have been told that the sweating is just for “wussies”. Sweating is the way your body is cooling itself down, and if you are able to hold in the sweat to try to seem less crazy, you would cause your body to overheat. The same thing can happen with the tears.

Sometimes you have to cry because of different things, sometimes in front of the family members or in public. You shouldn’t feel crazy, embarrassed or ashamed to cry for any reason. The reasons why you should let your tears are always more valid than the reasons to hold the tears back.

Source: thespiritscience.net