WHO: Bacon, Sausages and Other Processed Meats can be the Reason for Developing Cancer

Meat industry and farmers have shown concern about the impact on the sales if WHO lists the processed meat like a carcinogen. According to one report, the World Health Organization is planning to claim that the sausages, bacon and other processed meat can cause cancer. It is expected the red meat to be listed as probably carcinogenic.


One source reported The Daily Mail that the reports were expected to be put in the same category like the alcohol, cigarettes and asbestos. The website NHS Choices says that there is an evidence that there is a connection between eating processed and red meat and the potential risk of bowel cancer.

Those people who eat these meats regularly are at higher risk than those people who eat just small amounts.

It still says that the lamb, beef and pork can be part of a healthy diet and that the red meat provides minerals and vitamins, like zinc and iron, and it is a great source of protein. According to the World Cancer Research Fund, there is an evidence that the consumption of all these foods can increase the risk of bowel cancer.

Meat industry and farmers have shown concern about the impact on the sales if this organization lists the processed meat like a carcinogen,

Bets Booren that comes from the North American Meat Institute recently said that if they discover that the processed and red meat cause cancer, that moniker will stick… It can take billions of dollars and decades to change that.

In 2011 the government warned the public about the dangers of consuming excessive amounts of these foods.

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