What Will Happen With Your Health if You Don’t Take a Vacation?

Take two weeks of vacations, so if you don’t go anywhere, is great to change your day, it is different. This “is different” is confirmed by the medicine.



Data collected in 1991 from one study that started in 1948 show that the housewives who went on a vacation once in 6 years or less, had two times bigger risk of heart attack or heart problems, from those who went on a vacation at least two times a year.

A study from 2012, which works with the data from researches from the last 50 years, shows that a work day of 10 hours or more is growing the risk of heart diseases for 80 percent.


Whitehall 2, the long study of 10.308 men and women, all of whom were working at the British Civil Service. The study started in 1985, and in 2012 were published the first results. It was concluded that those people who worked more than 11 hours every day (in a comparison with those who worked 7-8 hours) is much more likely to have a serious attack of depression, even if they didn’t have some mental problems.

The Sweden University Uppsala in 2013 announced that those people who go on a vacation are enhancing even the mental health on those around them. According to two statistics, the number of people that go on a vacation and sold antidepressants, they discover small, but important connection between big number of people that go on a vacation and less sold medicines.


The researches by the psychologists from the University of California, confirmed that those people confronted with a problem have a far more creative answer when they were allowed to think about that.

In a comparison with this is the 5-year Finland study published in 2008, which is following the people with 55-hour work week (as the opposite of the regular 40). They all demonstrated a lower cognitive functioning, including the poor vocabulary and reasoning.

Thu-Huong Ha for Quartz wrote that those who are deciding to collect as many vacations as possible, don’t be depressed if the beatifically sense is going after a couple of days of the returning. The short-term benefits can disappear very soon, but the whole effect throughout the time is key. Jessica de Bloom explains that is like to say – why I am sleeping when I will be exhausted anyway.