The Ultimate Detox Guide: Purify Your Body From Toxins Through Your Feet

If you sleep with slices of onion in the socks, you can do wonders for the health. Read this article to discover the health benefits of this method.

According to the Chinese medicine, the feet have a direct and powerful connection with the internal organs, and that is because of the meridians that traverse the whole body. These pathways can help to balance the work of the organs and can keep the body balanced by regulating the functions.

Detox feet

Garlic and onions have a great ability to cleanse the body and absorb bacteria. When the substance phosphoric acid, which is the substance in the onions that are responsible for your crying while cutting them, enters your bloodstream and helps to clear the blood and kill any possible germs or bacteria. It is a simple and cheap detoxification.

But not everyone believes in the Chinese medicine or in the meridians, but the real truth is that they are connected with the nervous system directly. They are so mighty electrical circuits in the body and are usually dormant because we generally wear shoes and we don’t make the acupuncture to help the nerves or meridians in any way. It is so essential to walk barefoot in order to stimulate the meridians that are on the bottom of the feet.

But, one of the greatest ways to stimulate the meridians is to use the onions. In order to clean the body, cut one onion into very thick slices, and place them on your soles on the feet and wear socks over it. You should use organic onions that are free of pesticides and many other harmful chemicals.

The benefits of this detoxification

  1. Kills germs, bacteria and pathogens
  2. Purification of your blood
  3. Purifies the air