What Is the Secret to a Fresh and Good Smelling Household?

what-is-the-secret-to-a-fresh-and-good-smelling-householdOften it happens that you walk into someone’s apartment or office or other closed premise and sense a nice, fresh or clean smell. Like a freshener for closed spaces but even better. Read below about the secret to achieving this all the time and make a home freshener in your own home actually.

This is a spritz or spray that is just like any other factory made spray, except that it DOES NOT contain fabric softener like the others do. But, it does have a secret ingredient instead of the softener. The little secret is literally “little” – washing machine beads! They have a palette of fragrances and smells to choose from, they are not expensive and while you save money you can creatively incorporate fragrance in the space you need it!


  • Soda bicarbonate
  • Boiling water
  • Washing machine beads
  • Sprayer

After you purchase these ingredients; first figure out how to assemble them and what to do first for the spray mixture. You will firstly need a funnel to put the ingredients one by one without creating a mess. Make sure they mix well with each other.

With this you can not only refresh air, but the curtains too, clothing in closets or the furniture materials. Especially handy if you keep a pet of course!

Article and Image Source: www.finelivingadvice.com