What Happens When You Eat Just Organic Food?

By this moment we are all more than conscious of the option we have when shopping for food. Because of the higher price, most of us opt away from the organic products to buy conventional. In the following video we can see one Swedish family that spent their lives eating just conventionally produced and grown food.

That was happening until a Swedish supermarket chain Coop, challenged them to eat completely organic food for 2 weeks.  This transition was studied and examined by the Swedish Environmental Research Institute to find out whether or not the organic diet positively impacted the health and lives of this family.

The results are little drastic and may convince you to go completely organic.

But, there are also other studies about this problem. One new study provided by the researchers from RMIT University and published in the journal Environmental Research, discovered that just a one-week organic diet can significantly reduce the pesticide exposure in adult people by 90%.

Cynthia Curl, an assistant professor at the Bolse State University in the School of Allied Health Sciences Department of Community and Environmental Health, in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives published a pesticide exposure study. The results from her research showed that among individuals eating almost the same amount of fruits and vegetables, those who reported eating organic food had lower OP pesticide exposure than those people who consumed conventionally grown produce.

You can see in the video that there is a lot to be gained by making the decision to consume organic food as often as possible. Today, it is really worth to save money at the cash register if it could lead to more costly and long-term problems? Living in a world which is dominated by convenience and affordability, far too many of the people are casting aside what we know to be great for our health. This is helping us to build the first generation of kids who will not just outlive their parents, but also keep the organic products as its higher price point. The more we demand to eat organic food, the closer we are to the world where organically grown product becomes the standard and the norm. In such a world, more attention would be placed on discovering ways to produce and grow organic food more efficiently, making it more affordable in that process.

What do you think of the conventional vs organic eating? Check out the video and share your opinion about this topic with us.

Reference: www.collective-evolution.com