What Happens to Your Lungs After you Smoke 60 Cigarettes? (Video)

Most people are aware that the smoking can cause many diseases and illnesses, like a heart disease or lung cancer. Ryan Au, who is a teacher in Hong Kong, was so worried that his students were beginning to smoke, so he made a demonstration presenting the effects of smoking to the lungs. He is a teacher at the Yan Chai Hospital Tung Chu Ying Memorial School located in Hong Kong.

His demonstration shows 2 sets of healthy pigs’ lings. After that, one of the lungs is inflated with air that is clear, and the other with smoke that is the same like 60 cigarettes. At the end of his experiment, Ryan Au cuts open the trachea of the lungs. He revealed that the lungs without the smoke are perfectly pink, while the lungs filled with smoke is charred and black in appearance.

The smoking affects the color of the lungs, but what is really shocking to see is how fast this happens just after 60 cigarettes. Many chain smokers are smoking around a pack of cigarettes in one day, and that is 20 cigarettes. So, in just 3 days, this is how the lungs of one person may look. There have been over 1 billion tobacco-associated death in the world, according to the Action On Smoking & Health, and that number will increase to 1.6 billion over the following 2 decades.

Despite the efforts of many health organizations to warn the people about the negative effects of smoking, it is still a problematic and growing epidemic.