What are McDonald’s French Fries Made of? You Will be Surprised!

Believe it or not, in the McDonald’s fries you can find 17 ingredients. The main question is: are McDonald’s fries made of potatoes?? In two new videos, the gigantic of the fast food revealed the way that they are producing the fries and the ingredients. It looks like in the fries there are potatoes. The fry tour is the newest in a series of segments together with the Grant Imahara, the former MythBuster star aimed at the rumors about the quality of the fast food. In the fries there are real potatoes. And about the 17 ingredients, that is a myth, because there are 19 ingredients.

Imahara explained that the list, beside the different oils, includes some chemicals that operate various functions, including ones that is aimed at keeping the potatoes from going gray, ones that adds flavor, preservatives, and an anti-foaming thing that keeps the oil from splashing. He also takes a tour at Simplot, the company that provides potatoes to McDonald’s with the production planner Koko Neher. Whole potatoes go on a conveyor belt and after that they are shot through a high-pressure water tube through a grate at 60-70 MPH.

In the ingredient dip they control the color, add all natural sugar – dextrose – in order to make sure that they get consistent color not taking into account what time of the year is. Neher added that they also put sodium acid pyrophosphate in order to control the graying after freezing. Then the fries are incompletely fried, and then they travel through a huge freezer tunnel that is 50 yards long. The final product is made at the restaurant.

So, the McDonald’s French fries are really made of potatoes, plus 18 other ingredients.