A Weird Trick: DIY Spray From 3 Ingredients Essential Oils On The Feet. Spray It 10 Minutes Before Bedtime

Even from when I was a kid I had troubles sleeping. My mind wouldn’t allow me to sleep and get some rest. This made me do some lifestyle changes to achieve the perfect sleep.

First, I followed every advice of medical experts and psychologists and I removed every distraction in my bedroom. That means tv, cellphone and laptop OUT. I never read or do similar things that would make my mind active.

I also took care of the inside temperature, lights and all other things like sun exposure and workouts.

These things helped a lot but still there are some nights when I couldn’t rest despite this.

So I decided to do something else to sleep.

A Weird Trick: DIY Spray From 3 Ingredients Essential Oils On The Feet. Spray It 10 Minutes Before Bedtime

Essential oils

If you read about essential oils you know they are amazing in effects for boosted organism and not requiring food.

The skin is our largest organ and it absorbs these oils.

That is why I made this amazing spray to have close to me.

In the foot sole we absorb more than we think and this is perfect for oils to apply there and absorb them.

Sleep time foot spray

Before we talk more on this spray and making it, just let’s go over how oils help you sleep.

  • Chamomile oil- this herb is made into a soothing calming tea before bedtime to help sleeping and relax the nerves. It is the crucial ingredient for the spray.
  • Magnesium oil- a lot of people have magnesium deficit, so we put this also in the spray. Actually, to remove this deficit is enough to apply this on the skin. Be careful, when it is sprayed it can give a tingling feeling. If this happens, put on socks right away. Magnesium is beneficial because it makes us sleepy and in need for rest. It calms us down.
  • Lavender oil- lavender is another good oil. Great for rebalancing and calming; lavender lotions are often mixed with coconut oil for a great relaxing creamy lotion. If you use this oil with your kids, put just a little since they are more sensitive than us. It is really calming for the body and mind and has been popular in many herbal cures for sleeping and stress removal.

The foot spray

Read more about making this spray to use on the feet before bedtime.

  1. Take 4 oz magnesium oil from local health shops
  2. Mix it with 10 drops lavender oil and 10 drops Roman chamomile oil in glass spray bottle
  3. Put the lid on and shake up
  4. This amount lasts for 24-48 applications so for more, just double of everything.
  5. Spray on the feet at night and relax in bed

Source: wisemindhealthybody.com

Image Source: dailyhealthpost.com