How Much You Should Weigh According to the Height You Have

weigh-according-heightFor starters, I am a person of 65 kg and 160 cm height. If you say that I look good for my height, you are very wrong and medical experts will also think you’re wrong. This is the least an esthetic issue, it’s more important that it affects health more. Extra fat tissues are bad for health and affect the blood in a really bad way.

Keep on reading this article and know more about your ideal and recommended weight according to your own height. There are many various ways to see what your ideal weight is and everyone has heard of the most famous one – Body Mass Index. However, some doctors say that this is a universal way of charting. Because it’s universal it cannot be used by literally anyone, and this is normal because not all of us have the same structure of bones, muscles, fat, and height. The simple example would be girls that workout and have a broad constitution and slim girls who naturally cannot gain weight.

Experts also advise you to remember that weight and health don’t have to be connected, and usually they aren’t. So a healthy diet by itself is not enough – you need sports incorporated too. With diet, you will lose weight, but you will lose muscle mass too and not be firm at the touch. Exercise every single day, don’t skip meals that are healthy, drink plenty of water and for a start, this is enough. The chart will provide you with info about losing weight and convince you to make some changes in lifestyle.

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