A weekly diet – lose 7 kilograms in 7 days

The “weekly diet” is a great way to purify your body from all the toxins you consume every day, and apart from the detox process, it will help you lose some weight too. Before starting the diet, bear in mind that this is a strict and not balanced diet. So you might feel exhausted and in lack of energy at times. The experts point out that this diet should not be practiced if you want to lose weight on a long-term period of time. This diet is also not recommendable for those having health problems, but then again, no diet is recommendable in that case.

Weekly nutrition plan

  • Monday: Eat fruit as much as you can and drink fruit juices. The only exceptions about the type of fruit is the banana, due to its high amount of sugar. When we say fruit juices, we don’t mean the juices with sweeteners that can be found in the stores. Only natural juices are included in the diet. So you can make combination of several fruit, or simply squeeze oranges and add some water. It should all be natural.
  • Tuesday: You can eat as much vegetable as you want. You can also consume home-made vegetable soup. Bear in mind you can never trust the products that are sold in the stores, as much as their content seems to suit your diet. So we recommend you avoid them during the diet, and prepare your own soup and juices with no sugar or additives. You can also prepare vegetable juices, such as carrot, tomato or beetroot juice, or you can prepare broccoli or pumpkin soup.
  • Wednesday: You can combine the food from the previous two days on the third day of the diet. Fruit, vegetable, home-made soups and juices. Be careful only on the exceptions.
  • Thursday: Here the bananas take place. Eat five bananas and drink five glasses of milk. There are variations of the diet that recommend eight bananas and four glasses of milk. You don’t have to worry about the fats that milk contains, since you have just spent the last two days in detoxification of your body, so it’s only natural that your body needs some fats. You can also include a low-fat yogurt if you want.
*The next three days have the same nutritious plan.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday: Eat four slices of grilled meat (85 grams of chicken, 85 grams of beef and 85 grams of fish). You can combine the meat with all kinds of green vegetables. Be careful to use only olive oil if you decide to consume a salad.

The “weekly” diet should be consumed only if you are certain of your good health condition. The first 4 days are the hardest one to endure, so if you notice any kind of health problems, we recommend you interrupt the diet.