What clothes to wear in summer?

The warm days make us braver when it comes to choice of clothes. If you don’t have a lot of white pieces of clothes in your closet, but you are planning to change the fact, here are a few useful advices before you go shopping.

We wouldn’t call these “fashion rules”, but they are useful if you want to be stylish in white clothes.

The idea that white can be worn in spring and summer only is quite out-of-date. The contemporary fashion designers include the white color in their autumn and winter collections as well. The light coats, sweaters and fashion details are irreplaceable for the romantic look in the cold days.

If you want to be dressed in white from head to toes, do that in the summer months. The summer days are perfect for light and fair clothes. You’re making a huge mistake wearing all white pieces of clothes in the colder days of the year. In these cases, limit yourselves to only one or two white details which you can easily combine with your favorite colors.

On weddings there is only one person allowed to wear white – the bride. If it isn’t your wedding day, choose to wear some other color. This rule doesn’t apply to fashion details.

Avoid black shoes with white clothes, especially if the pieces of clothes are more elegant. The colorful details go very well with light pieces, and it is the perfect combination for the summer days.

If you have darker complexion or are tanned, don’t miss the opportunity to express your sex appeal with white. You will shine in white clothes and a chocolate tan.