We Present You the Onion – The Wonderful Product That Cures Everything

There are many scientific studies published on the onion’s compounds that show that they are so powerful and can be used in all types of treatments of different diseases.

Especially, they can fight against the growth of many kinds of tumors, enhance the immune function, help to promote healthy function of the hormones, and protect the cardiovascular system and the nerves. But that is not all.

This natural miracle has amazing effects in lowering the cholesterol, it inhibits the hardening of the arteries, helps to maintain the blood pressure, and enhances the elasticity of blood vessels. Also, the onion helps in fighting cancer and is an amazing risk-reducing food.

It is proven that the onion has essential blood sugar-modifying properties, and with that it represents a help in the fight against both obesity and type 2 diabetes. In addition to limiting the intake of sugars and fats, consuming onion can maintain a normal weight and normal level of the blood sugar.

Medical properties

The onions can eliminate the toxins from the body and also they have antibacterial property. They are also loaded with a flavonoid named Quercetin, and it acts like a powerful antihistamine, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cholesterol. The highest concentration of the Quercetin is located in the part of the bulb that is closest to the root and its outer most rings that are nearest the skin.

It is recommended to eat organically grown onions if it is possible. Today we will show you the most important uses of the onion, its various uses in the everyday life, and easy recipes for treatments with onion.

Earache and wax build up

Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, the onion will relieve the pain in the ear easily. If you have constant ear wax build up and earache, put the onion in your ear, but just the most inner part, which is called the heart of the onion. This will soften the ear wax also, and will make it easier to remove it. Very soon you will feel the results, and all that you need is to apply the onion before you go bed.

Remove the eye irritant

If you have some eye irritation, cut a piece of onion and you will get the tears flowing up. This will easily ease the irritant out of the eye. But, don’t rub your eyes because you can cause serious injury or worsen the condition.

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