8 wonders that water makes for your body

We all know that water is essential for life on any living creature. People can survive a certain period of time without food, but not without water.
60-70% of our body weight is water. So every part of our body needs it in order to functions well. The insufficient water intake can reflect both our physical and mental condition. Here are a few of the benefits the water has for our health and looks.

1. An energy booster:

One of the most common reasons why people feel tired during the day is the dehydration. Water helps the flow of oxygen to all the various body cells. So providing the body with sufficient amount of water means energizing it to a higher level.

2. Metabolism booster and weight loss:

It can be easily noticed by the fact that every diet contains at least two liters of water a day. By consuming 1-2 glasses of water before each meal, there comes to a loss of appetite and a fewer calories intake. Besides that, water speeds the metabolism, especially if it’s cold. By consuming cold water, the body needs to warm up, so spends extra calories for that purpose.

3. Water helps exercising:

Water regulates the body temperature during exercising and prevents the muscles cramps.

4. Food digestion:

The vegetative fibers and water are a good combination for faster food digestion. It is best to drink water at least half an hour before the meal.

5. Kidney stone:

Water reduces the risk of kidney stone. The experts warn that most common reason for kidney stone is the insufficient water intake. Water dissolves the minerals and the salt in the urine, which are the creators of the kidney stone.

6. Concentration booster:

Water reduces the stress and increases the concentration. About 80% of our brain is water; therefore it is only logical that the dehydration can cause problems for its proper functioning. The insufficient water intake causes stress for the body and the mind, and reduces the ability of concentration.

7. Headache healer:

Water can heal the headache. In fact, the reason for the headaches is the dehydration. By consuming a few glasses of water at once can help you ease from this unpleasant pain.

8. Acne and wrinkles enemy:

The water is the most natural skin cosmetics. Water boosts the blood flow, so your skin will look healthier, refreshed, and all the wrinkles will disappear.