Wash The Face With Sparkling Water And You Will Get Amazing Results


To wash the face with sparkling water is so simple, and you will get a healthy looking skin. This method is used by the women in Japan who are well known for great care of the skin, because their skin has youthful appearance.

First clean the face and then rinse it with carbonated water instead of the plain water. This method will tighten your skin. The bubbles from the carbonated water will make a peeling. Your pores will be cleaned and the sparkling water will bring the oxygen to the cells.

The results are smooth, fresh and firm skin.

But, don’t overdo with washing the face with this water every day, because it will cause irritation. The best thing is to clean the face with sparkling water once or twice a week.

The mineral water can serve like a tonic. You can soak a cotton in a sparkling water and then use it to clean the face.

Source: www.naturalhealthcareforyou.com