WARNING TO ALL PARENTS: These Gummy Candies Are Not What You Think, It Is a Lethal Drug!


There is a new type of drug on the black market and it is named strawberry meth. It looks like jelly candy or rubber or Pop Rocks and it smells like strawberry.

This drug is a crystal meth with strawberry flavor and is able to kill people. This is a new form of crystal target that is called “strawberry meth”. This type of drug is a subspecies of methamphetamine that is used in the West for many years.

This drug is also available in some other flavors like chocolate. You should warn your children, because the drug has a strawberry flavor and it is crystal meth and can kill them. This is for sure one of the shortest and ugliest paths to death.

The Crystal Meth is synthetic drug and is becoming increasingly popular in the countries in Europe and in the USA. The number of addicts and users of this drug is increasing every year. The authorities are powerless to stop this evil, especially among the young people.

If this drug is taken for a long time, there is a large psychological and organic disorders. This powder is like tiny crystals and it might be taken orally, smoking, sniffing or even with a syringe. The process of production is simple, and when you take this drug, it strongly activates the brain cells. Those people who take this drug develop a strong psychological and physical dependence.

This drug is made in home laboratories and just one gram costs about 70 euros. The drug can be taken like a pill, sniffed like a powder or injected. It is more dangerous than the heroin and cocaine and that is because it acts detrimental to the central nervous system and the brain. The user starts to deteriorate physically, gets blisters and eczema all over the body, and many of them are usually diagnosed with HIV.

Source: www.cuisineandhealth.com