Warning! Don’t Reheat These 7 Foods Otherwise They Are Lethal!

Reheat food

A lot of people need to warm up foods once they are cooked to get extra taste for the second or third time. This is really good for some foods, but some can be a great danger for you once you warm them up. To mention, a lot of you never knew some of warmed foods are dangerous. Only a few food items are bad for the health when warmed. Read more and find out which they are.

Warning! Don’t Reheat These 7 Foods Otherwise They Are Lethal!

  1. Spinach- never warm spinach once cooked since it is really unsafe. Eat it right after cooking! Spinach has a lot of nitrates that turn to nitrites once warmed. This can even cause cancer.
  2. Celery- this is essential soup ingredient. Just like the spinach, it has nitrates too. Even in soup, never warm it! Also, if you want the soup, remove the celery first, or carrots for that matter.
  3. Beets- this veggie also has the nitrates. But, we mentioned about nitrates already.
  4. Potato- this veggie has many benefits for our organism. But, if you cool them and reheat them, they lose quality and nutrients and become dangerous.
  5. Eggs- the eggs become also lethal when exposed to heat after cooking. They don’t lose nutrients per se but try not to warm fried or boiled eggs.
  6. Chicken- it is really bad to eat chicken the next day; you can have digestive problems or some proteins might change a bit. This meat has more protein than red meats and that is why you MUST eat it cold. But also, if you really need to warm it up use low temperature briefly.
  7. Mushrooms- you probably didn’t expect to see mushrooms on this list, but they are the most lethal when warmed. Eat them quickly after cooking. If they are to be eaten the next day, only cold! Unless you need digestion problems or heart problems.

It is crucial and vital to pay attention to these leftovers before you pop them in the oven or microwave. Rethink many times before you kill all nutrients and useful things in food. If you really need to warm up food, be prepared for some side effects.

Source: healthtipsportal.com