Here Is Why You Should Walk Barefoot if You Want to Cure The Vital Organs


Today we will talk about acupressure. There are many spots on the palms and feet that are connected with the vital organs in the body. By stimulating these spots, actually we are massaging our internal organs and we improve the flow of the vital energy through them, and because of that they are becoming more vital and healthy.

Many centuries before, the people used to walk barefoot on grass, sand and stones and with that the process of acupressure was naturally unfolding.

In the body runs bioelectricity, which gives energy to the organs that makes them balanced and to function properly. The bioelectricity flows through the meridians network that is very similar to our bloodstream.

The meridians start of each finger of the hands, extending through the body and ends up on the fingerprints of our toes. At the time when they flow, the electricity flows free, and the organs get the needed energy for optimum performance.

When the energy can’t come to the organ because of distortion of its work, the disease can happen over time. There are a series of “circuit breakers” for all body parts and organs, the soles and the hands. Head points are positioned on the fingers: sinuses, brain, ears and eyes. The upper part of the foot and the hand there are points for the upper body, while the lower part of the foot and hand are for the lower body.

In order to activate the points, you have to walk barefoot or massage the feet.

For getting optimal vitality and health you have to massage each foot and hand for about 5 minutes every morning. The pressure on them have to be strong, but be careful not to be too strong because you don’t have to feel pain while doing the massage.

By doing the acupressure, you can get rid of many problems: problems with digestion, sinuses, lack of energy, heart problems, frequent infection and hormonal disorders.