With Taking of This Vitamin You Will Repel the Mosquitoes  All Summer Long

vitamin-repel-mosquitoesIf you think about summer you will associate it immediately with beautiful sand, sun, tanning, fun and good mood. But, also the annoying part – mosquitoes.

There are many products on the market like, mosquitoes repellents and cosmetics against insect bites, but these are all not effective 100%. These products exist since 1956 available on the market, however.

For many people, these bites cause a lot of troubles, unlike the majority of people. Many products against these insects cause side effects, like for example DEER in sprays against bites, and another thing that contributes to the side effects is the smell of the product itself. If you suffer from these side effects, consider taking more B vitamin.

The vitamin B1 is also known by the name of thiamine, this is a strong and powerful mineral that plays a big role in boosting the metabolic functions and speeding up the metabolism. You can find it in eggs, brown rice, oatmeal, yeast, liver, asparagus and kale too, but occasionally you might need an extra boost apart from the food.

You can’t get too much of this vitamin so do not worry – if you do by any chance, the excess amount is removed through the urine because this is a water soluble vitamin as any other.

About the link between the vitamin and mosquitoes what is important is that it alters your natural body smell that attracts insects. These insects don’t like this changed smell of the body. They perceive it as “yeasty” and are repelled by it. What a discovery, right?

This is not a 100% sure claim or statement to swear by, but still you got nothing to lose if you try it because is natural and has no chemicals, and also all these food items are tasty and healthy. A lot of people actually tried this and said they noticed some changes.

To add to this statement, when taking B1 pills and additives, the best target group to take them is those with gastric bypass, anorexia, alcoholics, and Chron’s disease patients.

To repel these annoying insects, take B1 in pills or additional supplements or make a DIY recipe. For the pills option, recommended is to take 100 mg thiamine daily, and for the recipe read more below.

  • Cool boiled water
  • ½ tsp witch hazel
  • 15 drops tea tree oil
  • 15 drops lavender oil
Directions of preparing

Take an 8 oz spray bottle and fill it with the cooled boiled water. To this add the tea tree oil, witch hazel, and lavender oil

Use whenever you need it.

Article and Image Source: besthealthyguide.com