Vegetable soup diet: Lose 5 kg for 7 days

With this vegetable soup diet you can lose 5 kg in one week. The recipe for the soup is unique and simple. This vegetable soup can clean the stored fat, clean the toxins in the body and will improve the work of the system.

While you are on this diet, you can consume fruits like apples, pears and citruses, but in small quantity. From the vegetables are allowed the cucumbers, tomatoes and beet-root. All products should be fresh. You can consume cabbage, onion, dill, parsley and lettuce. You should increase the amount of mineral water intake, but not gassy water.

Sweets, flour, fats and dairy products, and alcohol are forbidden.

The recipe for the vegetable soup is simple and the main ingredient is the cucumber. You will need: 6 onion heads (middle size), 2-3 tomatoes, 1 small cabbage, 2 peppers, 1 cucumber, 1 carrot and a little salt. Cook these ingredients in a bowl with a lot of water, and do not add oils. Also, it is forbidden modification of the recipe. You can consume the soup many times daily:

Day 1 – soup, fruits, water

Day 2 – soup, vegetables, fruits, 3 small roasted potatoes with little olive oil and water

Day 3 – soup, fruits, vegetables and water

Day 4 – soup, fruits and vegetables, and you can consume 1 banana

Day 5 – soup, 200 gr cooked beef, tomatoes and water

Day 6 – soup, but only once, 200 gr cooked beef, leafy vegetables and water

You can repeat the days until you reach the desired results, but not more than twice in sequence.