Vegetable juices benefits

As opposed to the fruit juices that contain sugar in them, the vegetable juices are full with bioactive substances that can make one lose weight.

Cabbage juice – contains a high percentage of iodine, as well as sumphor and chlorine that clean the stomach and the intestine. This juice helps against the ulcer in the duodenum, and also works beneficial in losing weight. It provides good digestion and nice skin. Do not add salt in it, so that it won’t lose its medical qualities.

Potato juice – the fresh potato juice contains easily digestive sugar that turns into starch. Because of the big amount of potassium, phosphorus and chlorine in the potato, the juice is used for the pigment marks on skin. The microelements are useful only in their natural, organic form, since they turn into inorganic elements when boiled and contain only small amounts of the useful elements. The fresh potato juice is an excellent purifier.  If one has digestion problem, a combination of potato, carrot and celery is recommendable.  The people suffering from sciatica should consume 500 grams of carrot, beetroot and cucumber juice a day, and no meat at all. The carrot, potato and parsley juice is helpful against emphysema.

Onion juice – This juice helps for fast purification of the body, stimulates the appetite and the excretion of the gastric juice. It is efficient against cold, as well as lungs and bronchus purification from the slime accumulated.

Cucumber juice – the fresh cucumber contains 40 % of potassium, 10% of sodium, 7,5 % of calcium, 20 % of phosphorus and 7% of chlorine. This juice is the best way to lose the water from the body. It improves the hair growth, strengthens the nails, and makes the skin looks younger. The cucumber juice also normalizes the blood pressure; therefore it is recommendable with the hypertension and hypotension cases. Besides all this, cucumbers are irreplaceable in skin diseases treatments. The combination of carrot juice and a cucumber juice is excellent against rheuma.

Parsley juice – it is recommendable 30 to 60 grams a day, on regular basis. It helps in the normal exchange of oxygen, and helps the adrenal gland and the thyroid. The juice contains elements that strengthen the blood vessels, the capillaries and the arteries. It is often used as a medication against urinary diseases and calculus. It is helpful against nephritis and other renal diseases. It is good against eye diseases, iris’ ulcers and conjunctivitis.

Black radish juice – It helps against arthritis, gallstone and a regular cold. You can make inhalation with freshly squeezed juice, which will help with your cough, will ease the pain in your throat, and will strengthen your immune system. It is used in every stadium of a cold or flu. For expectoration, a black radish juice with honey is an efficient medication. Peel the radish off and make a hole in the middle. Put some honey into the hole, place the radish into a glass. You should take one spoon of the juice before going to bed.