How To Use Coconut Oil For The Hair To Stop Graying, Thinning Or Hair Loss

This coconut oil is famous for many things. It is also popular for DIY treatments, homemade creams, sunscreen or other beauty uses. Also, it Is really good for hair care.

In Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Burma and Philippines and Caribbean too, the women used coconut milk and oil too for silky, healthy and glossy hair and also for healthy coloring for many years.

You can’t deny the benefits of this fruit, and for eating the oil too, but for topical use? Here is why it is good.

How To Use Coconut Oil For The Hair To Stop Graying, Thinning Or Hair Loss

  1. No hair loss– hair loss is caused by several factors; skin issues, inflammations, fungi or bad diets. This oil is full of healthy fats and they nourish the scalp and hair, remove infections and reduce inflammation.

For usage, mix 2 tbsp sage oil and 3 tbsp coconut oil. Cook on low temperature and until is even. Let it cool off and test a bit on the skin for degrees. It must be warm moderately. Apply on the head and put a shower cap before sleeping. In the morning wash.

  1. No hair damage– when we compare this with mineral or sunflower oil, it is far superior and best against damages. This oil also reduces losing proteins and makes the shaft stronger.

Use it on split ends for repairing and of course, trim the hair every 6 weeks.

  1. Smooth hair– the frizzy hair means it is too dry in the shaft and cuticles too. The coconut is hydrophobic so it repels water, this means it closes in only the moisture in. apply it 15 minutes before washing and have silky hair. Also, apply it on the split ends to brush easily. For styling the hair, use a bit oil to stroke through flyaways and have a smooth precise hairdo.
  2. No dandruff– this issue is a chronic scalp issue with flaking in the scalp skin. This is caused by fungi on dry skin.

This oil treats dandruff precisely and fights off fungal infections while it hydrates the skin.

For usage, mix equal coconut and castor oil and massage the scalp for 30 minutes to sit like that. Then wash off. For severe dandruff cases, do this before every wash.

  1. Removal of lice– this is a common problem for kids. The cures for lice are toxic and heavy chemicals and can damage hair and burn the scalp. The coconut oil is great against lice in kids since it nourishes scalps and also works like repellent for pesticide-resistant lice.

This oil covers the lice and suffocates them while it stops their eggs from remaining intact.

For usage, apply evenly on the hair, leave it for a few days and apply more each day to be more absorbed. Also, add a few drops of tea tree oil for extra power.

  1. Gray hair– these pigment cells are in each hair follicle and are responsible for the color overall. But, with aging these cells die off and color is lost.

Coconut prevents graying by soothing the scalp and the base of follicles. If you have healthy hair, you will avoid longer the graying.

Massage the scalp and hair with coconut oil and lemon (for blondes), at least 15 minutes. The rest of you, just coconut oil.


If you haven’t started using this oil, start right away!

Most organic and herbal shampoos and masks have this oil among other ingredients. But, if not, buy and add it yourself!

This oil is multi versatile for beauty.