The upcoming Nutrition trends

Raw food, green tea, dried cranberry on one side, and croissant, donuts, Nutella and many burgers on the other side, are nutrition trends that marked 2014. In 2015, about the nutrition are waiting Kombucha, pickle, coffee with butter…

Between the healthy and unhealthy food in last time is winning the healthy food, because people choose to eat natural, organic products, fruits and vegetables, to drink more tea, and consume less fat. After all, frappes, smoothie drinks and almond milk are in a second plan, because the new healthy nutrition trends are coming.

It looks like the fermenting of the food is more and more popular, starting from the fungus Kombucha, to the soured cabbage, cucumber and other vegetables. It is believed that the fermented vegetables help in maintaining the gut flora.

Acai berry mixed with grains, fruits, seeds and vegetative milk are good for the metabolism and weight loss.

The green tea with years is popular among the people looking for a healthy lifestyle, and in 2015 is expected to increase the demand of Maca tee, powder from the most quality leaves from the plant Camellia Sinensis, from which are produced the green, white and black tea.

Warm bone soup, rich in proteins and medulla helps in maintaining healthy skin. That is jelly from bones, but hot.

Classic coffee with an addition of butter or coconut oil. Those who consume this, confirm that the energy from the coffee is discharged gradually, and because of that it lasts long, helps in concentration and it is delicious.