Tutorial Video: How to save yourself if you are choking

In the following video you will see one great tutorial on how to save yourself if you are choking. You may need this one day.

The foreign object, which is stuck in the throat might cause muscular spasm or block the throat. The young children are very prone to choking. A kid may choke on food, or could put some small objects into the mouth and in that way can cause a blockage of the airway. If the blockage is mild, the casualty has to be able to clear it, but if it is severe, the kid may won’t be able to cough, speak, or breathe, or the kid can lose consciousness.

Treatment for infants

If your infant is unable to cry, breathe or cough – lay them face down with your forearm, with the head low, and support the back and head. Give up to 5 back blows using the heel of the hand. Check the mouth, and remove any visible obstructions, but don’t do a finger sweep of the mouth.

If the obstruction is present, turn the infant onto the back and give up to 5 chest thrusts. Use just 2 fingers, push upwards and inwards against the breastbone, 1 finger’s breadth below the line of the nipple. Watch the video here to learn how to save yourself.