Rick Simpson recipe: How to Make Cannabis Oil that Cures Cancer!

Look closely how to prepare the remedy with which the greatest fighter for cannabis legalization for medicine purposes, Rick Simpson, cured more than 5000 people suffering from cancer.

We have to warn you that making this recipe might be dangerous because of its chemical reactions.

He posted his recipe in his own website phoenixtears.ca. His idea was to spread and share the news with people all around the world, how he managed to cure one of the worst skin cancers, which he personally suffered from 11 years ago.

According to him, the oil cures diabetes, arteriosclerosis, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, asthma, psoriasis…

The recipe is as follows:

  1. Put the dry herb in a plastic dish.
  2. Moist the herb with a solvent you are using. Different solvents might be used. I personally use pure petroleum, but 170l of it costs 360 euro. You could also use 99% isopropyl alcohol which could be found in pharmacies. The alcohol absorbs the chlorophyll from the herb material more than the petroleum. The oil helped by the alcohol will have a darker color. If this action is done properly, there won’t be any solvent left, or there will be just a little. You would need around 8 liters of solvent in order to separate the THC from ½ kilogram herb.rick-simpsons-cannabis-oil-recipe
  3. Press the herb using a wooden stick or some tool similar to it.
  4. The herb ought to be sunken completely. Press it with the stick. While doing that, the THC separates from the herb in the solvent.
  5. Do this for about 3 minutes.
  6. Put the mixture of oil/solvent without the herb in another dish. You have just separated 80% of THC from the herb.
  7. The second rinse – Add solvent to the herb again and press it for 3 more minutes in order to separate the other 20% of the THC.
  8. Put the mixture of oil/solvent in the dish where the first mixture was already put.
  9. Throw the herb from which you have just separated the THC
  10. Put this mixture through a coffee filter in a clean dish.
  11. Dry the solvent (by cooking it)
  12. Add the mixture in a dish with a volume of ¾. Make sure you are in a room which is airy and turn on the fan or the air conditioning. Make also sure not to have some heating elements near, since fire might be caused.
  13. Heat the dish.rick-simpsons-cannabis-oil-recipe2
  14. Add the mixture in the dish as the level lowers until the whole mixture ends in the dish.
  15. When almost all of the solute evaporates, add some drops of water in the mixture. The amount of water depends on the amount of herb you had at the beginning. If I produce oil from ½ kilogram good herb, I usually add 10 drops of water.
  16. When there is around 25mm of the mixture of oil/solvent, put on the gloves and slowly rotate the dish in order to mix the solute.
  17. Rotate the dish until the solute evaporates. Several drops of water will help the evaporation of the rest of the solute and will also keep the oil from strong heating. The temperature of the oil must never be over 140 degrees C.
  18. Put on the gloves and remove the oil from the dish.
  19. Be careful when you sip the oil in a smaller and clean metal dish.
  20. Put on the dish at dehydrator or some other device that would heat slowly. It might take several hours but both the water and solute would evaporate from the solute. As soon as there isn’t any kind of activity of the surface of the oil, the medicine is ready to be used.
  21. Spill the hot oil into a bottle or as it is shown on the video, in a plastic syringe.rick-simpsons-cannabis-oil-recipe3

When the oil cools itself, it will look like a dense cream. Some types of cannabis will produce very dense oil and that might cause problems when using the syringe. If such things happen, put the syringe in warm water for several minutes before you use it. rick-simpsons-cannabis-oil-recipe4


Watch the video here:

In favor of this thesis was also the doctor who claimed to have cured cancer with cannabis oil. Read the article here and share this recipe to support cannabis legalization!