Top 5 Mobile Phones That Have The Highest Radiation

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Maybe you already know that the usage of cell-phone can expose you to very unhealthy levels of radiation. Cell phones can emit a very dangerous non-ionizing form of the electromagnetic radiation that gets absorbed by the brain cells and tissues and car result in very serious health issues.

According to one recent study provided by the researchers from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, and then published in the Biochemical Journal, 10 minutes on a cell phone can provoke the changes in the brain cells connected to cancer and cell division.

Associate Director of the National Institute of Health, National toxicology program, Dr. John Bucher, testified that with just 10 to 12 years exposure and use increasing dramatically, there is a fear of an increase in cancer of the brain, linked to use. Kids have configuration of the skull that allows deeper penetration of the radiation from the cell phones with a potentially greater risk.

So, if you are worried, here we have a list with the top 5 phones with highest radiation.

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