Can Toes Define Some Things about Our Character?

toes-define-things-about-characterWe all know how the eyes reveal everything, our soul, ourselves at first sight. But there is another interesting theory, about the toes and how they can reveal things about a man, his traits, and characteristics – so, look at a man’s fingers and feet!

This theory about personalities based on feet or fingers comes from ancient beliefs in China and India because it has been practiced for thousands of years; basically, they believe that human feet reveal the soul just as the eyes do, and they are a reflection of our inner self.

You can read below about how to compare toes between different people.

Example 1

This is an incredibly creative personality and people with such fingers shapes have great intelligence and can easily deal with daily stress or any problems that come their way. But, they also have many uncertainties and insecurities about themselves so don’t be surprised if they leave half way in a hectic situation.

Example 2

Those who have this fingers shape have a lot of great energy in them and their creative side is very developed. Those people never hesitate to show their opinion and stand firmly by it.

Example 3

Now, these people are a real deal. They are born leaders, firm, disciplinary and strict. They have only one thing in mind – success and building a good career, however, there is one thing that could bring imbalance to them – need for unrealistic perfectionism. Another fun fact is that in some legends of India a mother never gave permission to her children to have a marriage with a person that had his second finger way longer than the other next to it. That was thought to be a really strict and unpredictably harsh character.

Example 4

These people value one thing the most – friends and family or simply put close people to their heart. They are sensitive and emotional and know the great value of people that mean a lot to them. They can be great friends because they are great listeners or a shoulder to “cry on”. The negative thing about them, in fact, is that they can take everything personally and really focus solely on that emotional fact. Basically, they waste their empathy unnecessarily.

Example 5

If we talk about ambitious people, this is the number 5 example. They strive for ambition and chase and excitement, but not taking serious responsibility! This kind of a man is fun and interesting, but if a serious situation arrives, he acts childish and irresponsible.