Throw the Glasses and Improve the Vision With This Amazing Method

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We all know that some muscles groups if inert for some time and not worked can become lazy and weak.

Let’s say if someone has a leg injury and needs a wheelchair, his legs will be weaker with time for sure. It is exact the same with our eyes and eye lens.

If you have and wear glasses and the eyes are not getting workouts for the sight, the vision will get worse. The eye muscle needs just as much care and activity as our bodies do.

If you want to restore and get back to the great vision you had, read these:

  • Avoid pressure that is too much for the eyes and just close them for few minutes every now and then
  • Have exercises for the eyes only that include 15 types of them (picture below)
  • Remove glasses aside
  • Do daily massage to the eyes with some pressure points:

You need light pressure with the tip right on the eyeballs. Use the index and middle finger, press the eye slightly and there must be no pain. After this, press twice with the index finger.

  • When outside, look always in the distance
  • Have carrot juice with olive oils often
  • Rinse eyes with lukewarm water
  • Avoid PC and screens at least few hours before sleeping
  • Do the Indian trataka workout for the vision

This is a moderated and focus on look meditation. It makes you focus on one small point to look at (object, candle light, black spot, …) and this improves the focus, makes vision better and stronger and stimulates third eye too. The name of this is Trataka.

gimanstika za oci

During the first stage, focus on symbol or one point and stare all the time, pay attention to every emotion and thought and release slowly to make the mind focus more and the thoughts too.


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