This Powerful Plant Destroys Cancer Cells And Cures Diabetes

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The tumors were examined through the period and the results showed that the bitter melon juice not just that withdrew the cancer cell growth but also diminished the apoptosis or programmed cell death. Unlike the control group, the tumor in the treatment group has hindered for around 60 percent showing no traces if toxicity or side effects. The final result was positive because the negative effects were a development in standard medical treatments.


Many clinical researchers have been carried away to estimate the positive effect of the treatment of diabetes. The diabetes is the leading symptom for the cancer on the pancreas, and after witnessing the results of the treatment, the researches claimed that the bitter melon can treat diabetes.

In 2011, the results of a 4 week long clinical trial were published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology that showed notable fructosamine management and humble hypoglycemic effects for those people that consumed 2000mg/day. However, the hypoglycemic effect of this fruit was less than the metformin 1000 mg/day.

In 2008 there was a different study published in the international journal Chemistry and Biology and it showed that the substances in bitter melon enhanced the glycemic control, aided the cells uptake glucose and also improved the general tolerance of glucose. This study was conducted in mice and also appointed to encouraging improvements in treating obesity and diabetes with bitter melon.

Opposite to that, another study that was published in the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology in 2007 didn’t lead to the extraordinary benefits of the treatment of diabetes by the bitter melon, but after 2 years in the British Journal of Nutrition it was confirmed that better-constructed and clinical trials are bound to confirm the role of the fruit in the diabetes treatment.

Since the 2007 research, more studies have been conducted to claim the positive effects of this fruit using the better construction throughout the study.

The bitter melon juice, according to the studies, possesses leading characteristics that are great for the treatment of diabetes, pancreatic cancer treatment and cancer cell destruction. Additional clinical trials and researches would serve to claim the positive effect of other plants and also in the fight against the cancer.

The bitter melon has been used as a home medicine for a long time. It is also known to be so useful in treating burns, fever, chronic cough, colic, painful menstrual cycles and skin infections.


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