This Powerful Juice Heals the Gray Hair Before the Invention of Hair Dyes

You are wondering why your hair is growing gray? Well, as we grow older, our hair follicles slow down the ability to produce the melanin, and because of that the hair turns grey or white. It is pretty normal for older people to have gray hair, but it is a problem when it starts to grow gray prematurely. Well, the best solution to this problem for many people is to dye the hair, but there are some other ways to prevent this situation. Here we will present you some tips on how to prevent the hair from turning white or grey.

Natural solutions for grey hair

Onion Juice

  • First peel the onions and then chop them into very small pieces.
  • Squeeze the onion juice out, and for that you can use a blender, food processor, a juicer or a grater.
  • Massage the onion juice into your scalp or you can cover the bald patches.
  • Leave the juice on for minimum 15 minutes, or longer if you are able to tolerate the smell, and then wash the hair with a mild shampoo.

Maybe it sounds a little strange, but this a very powerful remedy for a gray hair. The onion juice is very rich in the enzyme called catalase, and it has been used for many years like a home remedy and topical treatment for grey hair. The herbalists in the past have been advising the patients to rub the onions on the scalps in order to cure the grey hair a long time before the invention of hair dyes.

Increase the intake of vitamins

The hair follicles can’t produce the usual amount of the melanin, and that happens because the body needs more vitamin B12. You will have to increase the intake of the vitamin B and A in your diet, so your hair will be able to produce more melanin. The foods that are rich in vitamin B and A are fruits and green leafy vegetables. Cauliflower, banana, yogurt, tomato and cereals are great sources of vitamin B. You can get the right supply of vitamin B12 in eggs, dairy products and meat.

Use Henna on the hair

You can apply Henna on the hair instead of your usual conditioners. The Henna should be applied on your hair one hour before the bath. The Henna strengthens the hair strands and reverses the whitening color.

Eat food rich in iodine

The iodine can prevent the hair from turning white and grey. The seafood is very rich in iodine, but it can be found in bananas and carrots too. You can use iodine salt instead of the ordinary table salt in order to increase the intake of iodine.

Avoid unhealthy lifestyle and stress

If you have an unhealthy lifestyle or you are stressed out usually, then you have a risk of having white hair. So, give up your bad habits like smoking and drinking. Try to relax and avoid the stress. Release the tension through meditation.