This is the Woman That Has 73 Years, But Looks Like She Has 30!

Annette Larkins a woman that has 73 years, but she looks like she has 30 years. She is amazingly healthy and vital lady, she has a body figure of your dreams and a very clean skin.

This woman has never in her life drank any kind of chemical drug. Annette treats her ailments only naturally, and she has a huge selection of herbs and she knows how to use them, and vegetables and fruits that she grows herself.

She wakes up every morning beside her husband and he looks like he is her grandfather, and also his sons are 40, and they look like her friends.

The reason for all this is because no one in the family can follow her great lifestyle.

Her secret is that Annette has been a vegetarian for many years, and now she became a vegan. This woman thinks that the elixir of the youth is to be vegan and the vegan diet, rich in fresh salads and squeezed juices.

Annette’s day starts at 5 AM. After she wakes up, she works in her garden, prepares healthy foods, sews clothes, and in her free time, Annette writes a book and leads her own channel on YouTube with amazing tips for a healthier lifestyle.

Who would actually say that he has 73 years?

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