This is the Reason why you Should Freeze the Lemons Before Consuming?

Lemons are good for our health for many reasons. But, have you ever thought about freezing the lemons before using?

Now, you are wondering why we should do that. Lemon peel has 5 -10 times more vitamins than the lemon juice, but usually the peel is thrown away. The lemon peel is so good and can help to get rid of all the toxins from the body.

Also, it is effective in killing the cancer cells and it is 10,000 times stronger than the chemotherapy.

The lemon is able to remove the cysts and tumors from the body. Lemons have anti-microbial effects against fungi and bacterial infections, and can get rid of many internal parasites and worms. They act like an anti-depressant, regulate the blood pressure and are good against nervous disorders and stress.

More than 20 tests done in the lab show that the lemon can kill malignant cells in 12 different types of cancers, including breast, lung, prostate, colon and pancreas. The lemon tree has compounds that are 10,000 times more effective than Adriamycin that is generally used in chemo. You should use the whole lemon and all you have to do is to purchase an organic lemon, wash it well and put it in the freezer.

After that, you can shred it or grate it and put it on every food. The pharmacy industries don’t want you to find out that the lemon can kill cancer cells, because they would lose money.