This is The Reason Why You Feel Bloated and How to Fix That

The bloating is a usual health condition that can happen several times in a month, especially after a heavy meal. But some people could feel bloated all the time. So, here we will present you a list of 5 reasons for bloating and how to fix that issue.

What is bloating?


Many people usually connect the bloating with farting or excessive belching. Their stomach is so big that looks like a pregnant woman, and they constantly have a feeling of fullness. The doctors claim that the bloating occurs when there are too much gasses in the stomach. So, here are 5 reasons why it happens:


After you empty the bowels, if you feel better the problem is not the bloating, but the constipation. You have to add more fiber to the diet, because your gasses are trapped behind your feces. The fiber can help you to remove the gasses. But you need to consume the fiber gradually not suddenly, because you can worsen the problem. You can consume whole grain bread instead of white bread, and also you have to consume smoothies and berries.


You can feel bloated if you consume too much food that contains carbs and when the carbs are not digested correctly. You can start consuming foods that contain low-carb. In order to prevent the bloating, you have to replace the sugar, alcohol and starches with berries, vegetables and fruits.

Too much stress:

Many studies confirm that you can feel bloated because of the stress. When the body is stressed, the brain prevents the right function of the digestive system. Also, you can feel bloated by constipation and stomachache.

If you have digestive issues or feel bloated, take care of your diet and relieve the stress.

You don’t consume enough water

If you don’t consume water you might cause many problems to the organism. The dehydration can be caused by alcohol, sugar and coffee. If you consume them regularly, you have to dehydrate the body. It is advised to take 6 to 8 glasses of water every day.

If you don’t drink enough water, the body uses the fluids that it contains. The reason for bloated stomach can be because of fluid retention. If you want to prevent this, you should start drinking enough water.

You eat the food too fast

If you are drinking or eating too fast, you can cause a bloating. It is so important to consume the beverages and eat the food slowly. If you don’t chew the food enough, you might cause bloating. It is really important to take small bites.

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