This is the Real Cause of Pain – The Connection Between the Spine and the Organs

Very often the spine problems are leading to many aches around the body, and that makes us to treat some other ailments. That is the reason why it is really important to treat well your spine. When you feel some ache, notice from which part it comes, and then you can analyze the abnormalities, which points out the problems with particular organs.

The following infographic will present you how the organs in the body are associated with the spine.


Osteopaths are confirming that 70 percent of the headaches are happening because of some problems with the spine.

The dysfunction intervertebral disc door is able to lead to problems while swallowing food, ringing in the ears, and some problems with vision.

So, if you are suffering from numb hands or hand aches, pay enough attention on the part of the neck of the spine.

Problems with the chest area of the spine can lead to hip ache, ache in the lower back, and thigh ache. Also, it diminishes the sensitivity of your legs and leaves some negative impact on the walking.

Make sure that the spine is in good condition, because healthy spine will make you safe from many health conditions and diseases associated with the organs.