This is the Perfect Exercise For Poor Body Posture


The poor body posture is not a beautiful sight, and over time it can begin to wear you down. It turns out, your teacher and mom telling you to have good posture was actually a good advice. But, these days, bad posture is getting really worse and worse.

Excess texting, excess weight, too much sitting and stress are all contributors.

The muscles on our back are naturally a little bit weaker. How can we fix that?

Lie down on the stomach and put the face down toward the floor. Lift the front part of the body slowly with your head up. Lift as high as you can, but don’t push it too hard, it should be comfortable. Keep the arms at the side and the hands on the hips. This simple exercise actives many tension-bearing leg and back muscles. Do this exercise for 10 minutes.

For the first time it is enough 10 times. Repeat this exercise every day and keep adding the repetitions. Your back will strengthen and straighten out. The poor body posture is gone.