These Household Items Might be Poisoning You With Aluminum

The most abundant metal is the aluminum and it is the 3rd most abundant element in the world. Now, maybe you are thinking that the aluminum is good for us and that we might need it in our body in small amounts, but that is an incorrect though. The aluminum toxicity is very common because of how the aluminum is used today. The aluminum is usually used in the cooking and storage of food because the aluminum leaks in the food.

Also, the aluminum can be inhaled in the air in case you are working in a place where the metals or aluminum are processed. If you work and live near aluminum processing or if you live near a hazardous waste site. The aluminum can be found in the water too, because it is an abundant metal on the earth. Some places have higher levels of aluminum, so also the levels in the water can be naturally higher. You should do a research to find out this, then you should take an action to filter the water that you are drinking in order to remove the aluminum completely, so that it doesn’t affect your health or the health of your whole family.

You can ingest this element by living on this planet in the wrong time at the wrong place, whether it is at your work or home. Aluminum is a common metal that simply walks right in front of our doors and wants to be involved in our health and life without us even knowing it. There are many products in our homes that contain aluminum that directly involve you drinking and eating it and that is the most dangerous part of all.

The aluminum can be found in the following household items:
  1. Aluminum Foil: This foil is exactly what it looks and sounds like! The foil made of aluminum, with 98.5 percent of aluminum foil being the metal aluminum! We recommend you to avoid using this foil and opt for more natural alternatives. Avoid the reheating food wrapped in this aluminum foil. Together with this are those aluminum foil containers whose job is to keep the food warm.
  2. Pans and Pots: Many pans and pots are made from aluminum just because it is a very cheap lightweight metal. Cooking with these pans and pots will leach the aluminum into the food over time, which can cause many health problems we will discuss later. The best thing is to use stainless steel or an economical and 100 percent natural ceramic cookware.
  3. Canned Food: Canned goods are made in cans that use aluminum like a metal. This is one another food item which uses aluminum to store the food before you eat it or cook it. The problem here is that these cans have both plastic and aluminum – containing the BPA chemical, which both cause health problems. Having the food sit in a toxic container like this one doesn’t do much for the health. Avoid canned foods and opt for some fresh instead.
  4. Cans: Energy drinks, soda and even tea drinks or more natural energy drinks at your health food store are made from this metal if they come in a can. To have a generally acidic drink sit in a metal for a long time is not the healthiest thing for your gut. Avoid drinks in cans and choose drinks like Kombucha in a glass.
  5. Silverware: Silverware is also made with some percentage of aluminum. But, thankfully there are many alternatives now and if you are not a user of the Gates or Buffet family, you can choose the bamboo silverware instead of that silver spoon.
  6. Aspirin: Some brands of aspirin coat the aspirin with aluminum in order to bypass the stomach and dissolve into the small intestine, believe it or not. But, the problem with this is clear, you could be swallowing aluminum that is a toxic heavy metal with many negative side effects.
  7. Vaccinations: Some people say that all vaccinations have aluminum. Injecting aluminum directly into the body is very harmful to our immune system, endocrine system and blood health. We recommend avoiding vaccinations and building up the immunity, maybe with Camu Camu and herbs that come from the amazon rainforest.
  8. Deodorant: Some deodorant brands have aluminum in it. Most of the things you buy from the store could have this, so we recommend you to opt for a more natural solution and avoiding buying deodorant. If you put anything under the arms in your armpits, that gets into the blood very quickly. That is because the underarm absorbs up to 100% of what is placed on them, so you should switch to a natural and aluminum free deodorant.

You can see now that the aluminum has been introduced to a lot of food products and food to simply make the things cheaper and easier, but it comes together with being exposed to amounts of aluminum that our body is not familiar with, and with the price of our health. The aluminum toxicity has been associated to diminished kidney function, some cognitive problems, like slow mental function, speech problems, confusion, and Alzheimer’s down the line, also lung, muscle, nervous system, brain and bone problems. Also, it can impair iron absorption and cause anemia.

Make sure that you don’t give your body too much aluminum in the form of food related products or eating, or just putting deodorant every day or taking aspirin. All people have some aluminum, it is when we continue using products with aluminum that aluminum builds up. It is hard for the body to excrete those heavy metals unless it has a support. If you have found out that you have higher levels of aluminum, we recommend you few additions.

Eat organic parsley and cilantro, and drink more water. If you can grow the organic parsley and cilantro by yourself in an organic soil controlled environment, that would be better because the parsley and cilantro attract the heavy metals and they can attract them in the process of growing. Drink a shot of the apple cider vinegar every day to detoxify your body from heavy metals like the aluminum. The malic acid in the apple cider vinegar is very helpfully in the removing of aluminum from the body, especially from the brain. This is great because the aluminum can affect the brain in a negative way.

All these tips will help you to remove the excess aluminum so that you can get a health nervous, endocrine, immune and red blood cells back together with the active body and healthy brain. Share this information with your friends.