These Diseases Can De Cured With Cooked And Baked Onions

The onions, whether consumed in salads, raw or together with cooked meals, they have been part of almost all of our meals.


Onion compresses

If you have swelling, headache, a cold or ear pain, apply compresses from the cut onions to the area that is affected.

If you have a high temperature, put on your legs compresses from the cut onions.

If your nose is bleeding, apply onto the neck a compressed from the cut onions.

In case if you are bitten from a wild animal, you should apply cut onions on the wounds.

If you have skin or subcutaneous ulcer, you should ground one onion and then combine it with a little bit of olive oil, and apply it onto your painful area for one hour or two.

Onion juice

Cut one onion and then squeeze the juice. In case you have a lung inflammation, mix the onion juice with one spoon of honey and then consume it two or three times every day.

If you want to encourage hair growth and to prevent the hair loss, massage your head with the juice, several times every day.

If you have strong and constant cough, you can cure it with onion juice in a mix with water. You can use this recipe if you want to remove the parasite from the bowel.

If you have a skin disease, massage the onion juice onto your skin few times per day.

Cooked onion