These 6 Dangerous Toxins Enter Into Your Body Every Day

Every day we consume many dangerous ingredients and we are not aware of that. The worst thing here is that happens every day. These are just 6 of man other harmful toxins we enter into the organism every day:

 1. Lead

The lead is a compound that can be even found in the water.

Negative effects: This compound is one of the heaviest metal and it is difficult to clean it and remove it out of the body. The lead can build up in the legs and can cause issues with circulation and motor skills. Also, it can increase the cortisol – a stress hormone – in the body.

How to take care of yourself: Don’t use water for drinking from the heater. You should drink filtered water and eat organic food.

2. Phthalates

These compounds are discovered in capsules, plastic bags, pills, and in some gels and cosmetics. The phthalates help plastic bags with their elasticity, and permits the cosmetics to have a longer shelf life and to smell nicer.

Negative effects: these compounds disrupt the hormonal balance and the secretion of testosterone in the body.

How to take care of yourself: avoid the use of cosmetics with phthalates, and also products that contain artificial fragrances. Place your food in ceramic and glass containers, instead of plastic containers.

3. Mercury

The mercury is a side product of the heavy industry that can be found in many fish and seafood.

Negative effects: high amount of this side product in the body can disorder the ovulation and menstrual cycle. Also, it damages the cells of your pancreas, which regulate the blood sugar levels.

How to take care of yourself: you should always choose smaller fish, because if the fish is smaller, the possibility of absorption of this metal is reduced.

4. Bisphenol A

Negative effects: this chemical can complicate the work of your heart, and can cause fertility associated problems. The bisphenol A acts like it was the estrogen (hormone), so it supports the prematurely entering puberty.

How to take care of yourself: if you use bottles made of plastic, always choose those marked with BPA free, and also avoid canned food.

5. Perchlorates

The researches have shown that eggs, milk, vegetables and fruits contain the most perchloratesin.

Negative effects: the perchlorates affects the work of your thyroid gland that control all the hormones in the organism and makes hard usage of iodine.

How to take care of yourself: enhance your diet with foods which are rich in iodine, like the seafood.

6. Perfluorinated chemicals

These harmful chemicals are generally used in the fabrication of containers that have non-stick bottom. As an example, you can find them in microwave popcorn packages or in pizza cartons.

Negative effects: these chemicals affect the work of the thyroid gland, so in that way they affect all hormones. Many studies discovered that they might negatively affect the fertility in males and females.

How to take care of yourself: always chose pottery, and avoid the containers that have non-stick bottom.