Here is Why The Apple Cider Vinegar is the Best Health Tonic Found in Your Kitchen

The apple cider vinegar like a folk remedy, it has been credited with healing everything from flu to sunburn or warts to dandruff. But, also it can help reverse many diseases that many people would turn to pharmaceutical medications to solve them.

The benefits of the apple cider vinegar come from the healing compounds that include potassium, acetic acid, magnesium, enzymes and probiotics. Science has discovered this fact through many evidences observed through the ages.

The apple cider vinegar can ease the digestion, heal the head lice, prevent acne, prevent flu, kill fungus, reduce the inflammation, regulate the pH balance, help relieve migraines, allergies, nausea, asthma, heart burn, dissolve kidney stones and wash the toxins from the body.

Here we will present you 7 more reasons why the apple cider vinegar is one of the most powerful tonics in your kitchen.

1. Diabetes

The effect of the apple cider vinegar on the blood sugar levels is the most promising of its health benefits and the best researched. Some studies have discovered that the vinegar might help lower the levels of glucose. One study (November 2007, White, A. Diabetes Care) of 11 people who have type 2 diabetes discovered that taking 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar before bed lowered the levels of glucose in the morning by 4 to 6 percent. In another study provided by the Arizona State University, the participants were taking a drink of 20 g of apple cider vinegar and 40 g of water. Those people with insulin resistance, who drank the vinegar drink had 34 percent lower postprandial glucose.

The vinegar might be the most cost-effective medicine for diabetes in the history, but most people with diabetes don’t know its benefits.

2. High Cholesterol

One study in 2006 reported in Medscape General Medicine, presented evidence that the apple cider vinegar can lower the cholesterol. In one study published in foreign medical journal, the scientists discovered that the apple cider vinegar enhanced diet can increase the HDL or good cholesterol, and also reduce the levels of triglycerides, while a research in rats also suggests that the apple cider vinegar can control the cholesterol and the triglycerides (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 22 June, 2011.

3. Allergies

This vinegar helps to break up the mucous throughout the body and also cleanse the lymph nodes. The research suggested that the apple cider vinegar can help with many allergies, because it is able to reduce the sinus congestion and mucous. Also, when reducing the effects of the allergies, it can help stave off the infections of the sinus and their symptoms like headaches and sore throats.

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